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4 creepiest facts about the super mario bros movie

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Nightmarish character designs the super mario bros movie shocked fans with its unsettling character designs mario luigi and friends appear eerily realistic deviating from the lovable cartoony characters we know and love

Chris pratts surprise casting fans were spooked by the announcement of chris pratt voicing mario as his casting was a curveball leaving many wondering how this beloved plumber would sound in pratts voice

A mushroom kingdom dystopia the movies trailer hints at a darker mushroom kingdom where neon lights dystopian cityscapes and mysterious creatures dominate the screen creating an eerie atmosphere

The uncanny koopas bowser and his minions take on a new form with hyperrealistic and unsettling appearances that diverge from their classic comical looks giving fans the creeps

Cameo from creepy crabs a peculiar inclusion in the trailer anthropomorphic crabs are seen singing and dancing contributing to the movies overall bizarre and unsettling tone

The missing princess princess peach is notably absent from the trailer leaving fans to wonder about her role in this eerie mushroom kingdom and raising questions about her mysterious disappearance